For Such a Time as This

Yani Ocasio    Foundress & Excecutive Director

Yani Ocasio

Foundress & Excecutive Director


Ground Team

Working to Reach Communities


EXECUTIVE Director & Foundress

 Yani is A native Puerto rican with over 20 yearS of experience in field coordinating and strategy. She Fell in love with community outreach and missions very early iN life witnessing her missionary moTHER and her pastor grandFather. Inspired by her mother and grandfather’s many missioNal stories, she developed a deep passion for charitable work. This lead To her work as an assistant pastor in franklin, Tennessee, where she participatEd in community and church service programs, such as mission trips with youth groups, womEn & kids ministries, homeless outreach, and emergency disaster response DURING katrina’S hurricanne IN NEW ORLEANS.

Nazir A. Castillo

Special Events Coordinator

Nazir Castillo Ocasio is a young Puerto Rican woman who fell in love with her culture and her people. She, a kind-hearted and passionate individual, felt deep anguish and remorse when personally uncovering the wreckage left behind by Hurricane Maria. Nazir instantly felt a stir in her soul to look for and be present for her people. Helping with behind the scenes coordinations and facilitation, Nazir is hands on from her home base in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Luis Padrón

Legal advisor

Luis Padrón chose to follow his fathers footsteps By pursuIng a career in law and has been in practice as a Trail attorney for Over two decades. As Well respected and established lawyer, he came across the Beauty of a relationship with christ later in life and It forever changed his way of being. Padrón Was born in and has spent a large portion of his life living on the island of Puerto Rico and was tormented by the devastation that took place due to the hurricane. He quickly and wholeheartedly fell in love with serving the community and creating personal connections with the individuals affected by tragedy in order to tell their stories and bring hope through the love he himself Found in Christ Jesus.