Social Equality through Service and Reconciliation.

People serving People, by the power of God’s LOVE & grace.

“Trough God’s love we help communities in need through outreach and programming that seeks to improve the standard of living in Puerto Rico”. -yANIRA oCASIO, Foundress

On September 20th of 2017, disaster stuck. Gushing winds of 155 miles per hour, sounding like screams, ravaged the island with the power of intense rainstorms at its disposal. This Category 4 hurricane flooded and knocked down homes, roads, bridges, schools, and Puerto Rico’s already delicate electrical system leaving them powerless for months.

Even though the storm passed, the worst had not come yet. Hurricane Maria, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years, had left behind abysmal and seemingly unmanageable devastation. From then on, residents had to live through immense food and water shortages, water-related disease outbreaks, closed governmental buildings such as hospitals & schools, and lack of access to banking. Puerto Rico was in no way prepared for this storm, making many of these problems persistent and seemingly unfixable.

Although the Puerto Rican government was only willing to admit to having 64 deaths, an estimated 4,600+ people were understood to have been declared deceased due lack of food, water, sanitation, medical attention, along with other long term complications that arose after the storm.

The islands population of 3.4 million was deeply affected by the hurricane. As a territory of the United States, authorities requested 94 million from the US government in order amend for Hurricane Maria’s damage but were only granted 36 billion dollars in an attempt to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Shortly after the storm, Yanira Ocasio found herself headed to church without knowing what she might find along the way. The road to her usual church was blocked off by debris, just like many of the roads throughout the island, and in attempt to save the little gas they had, decided to go to a new church which they had seen nearby their residency. Once there, the pastor of this church began citing the story of Nehemiah, and how God spoke to him. The pastor firmly asked, “either you stay or you flee. What will you choose?” In the words of the pastor, Yani heard her Heavenly Father tell her exactly what she needed from her. And out of this moment and the story of Nehemiah, For Such A Time As This, Inc. was born.


For Such a Time as This

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

1 John 3:18

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Proud partners with Global Giving, the largest global crowdfunding community.