This was the home of a man in Añasco, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. He lost everything when Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico with 155-mile-per-hour winds and, in some areas, 20 inches of torrential rain.  And still leaving in this conditions.

Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. The island sustained catastrophic damage to its electrical grid, communications network, drinking water system, housing stock, roads, schools, and more. The official death toll is now 2,975 people. Over 135,000 people have fled the island for the mainland, but it’s still too early to measure the complete population displacement from the storm. At least 160,000 homes were destroyed. The power grid was already fragile after years of delayed maintenance and mismanagement and it took 11 months for the island’s power to be restored after Maria. An estimated 5,000 to 8,000 small businesses have permanently closed.

For Such a Time as This, has helped around 1,500 families in the past 18 month. But there’s so much to do, that we are not done!

The owner of the house in the picture still lives in a condition that no one should be living.

For Such a Time as This, has all the materials for the construction of his new home but we still need volunteers FOR LABOR to built the house.

If you, your church, an organization or a groups of friends are looking for some humanitarian relief trip, contact us!!

For Such a Time as This,Inc


arsenio side house.png